The baby sweaters are finished (one still needs blocked)

You can find the pattern here.

and I’ve started a new pair of socks.  The pictures totally SUCK, but this is all for Artsy anyway.





OK – so no nice proof of actual KNITTING, cause the pictures were just craptastic, but here is a picture to prove my bad-@$$edness:


 Click to make it bigger.  The yarn is Artsygal handpainted sock yarn in Prom Dress.  Think 1987 irridescent taffeta and thats what I have!  I’m still trying to decide on a sock pattern, but getting it to cake form is the first step!

 The wood its modeling on – thats my FIRST BROKEN BOARD!  Since I am a yellow-belt in my Karate class, there should be many of these in my future!

A brief scouting story in pictures.

scoutfam.jpg (my grandparents, mom, aunts & uncles)

scoutplay2.jpg (boywonder #2 on zip line)

scoutplay.jpg (boywonder #1 on bb range)

scoutflag.jpg (both boys on Memorial Day 2006)

(in lieu of any Knitting or Spinning content)

 Princess Cupcake In Your Face!


And really – I do knit and I have been spinning!  As soon as I can get photographic evidence – I’ll share!

OK – not a whole lot of knitting or spinning going on here.  While I did assemble and practice on Odette when I got her, I didn’t put in the screws on her legs, and I had ordered the Ashford Maintenance Kit for her too.  So, tonight she shall have a spa treatment.  And then I MIGHT get to spin.

 I finished the back of Orange Twist, and have started the front.  I want to modify the crew neck to v-neck.  Anyone have any ideas as to where to look for tips?  Thanks in Advance!

 My 2nd Chicago sock is coming along nicely.  I’ve done the first set of calf-increases and I’m down to less than 1/2 of the ball.

Pictures SOON!  Perhaps even Yarn Pron on Friday!

So – last night after a late start at a Scouting event, I get home and discover that I have NO clean jeans.  I switch loads of laundry around and start a load of jeans – Everyone’s favorite pairs – all in the washer at one time.  I am a good mom.

 Then about midnight I wake up.  I’m up so I check the dryer.   Hmmm – its still running, not good.  I open the door.  The clothes are soaking wet.  Heating element seems to be shot.

I get to spend the next week trying to figure out how to replace the element.  Yeah!

So, I get this package:


But I don’t recall ordering a reclining Baby booster seat:


Oh – wait, what is this?  Giant Bubble Wrap!


No Sillies – Its ODETTE!


and some (blurry) practice from last night:


This blog is for tracking my spinning and knitting two of the loves of my life.  There will probably also be pictures of my kids and husband – the other loves of my life.

 On the Spinning Front – I have purchased a use Ashford Traveller named Odette, and at this point she is in Illinois.  She is travelling all the way from Massachusetts to Oklahoma.  She should be in my arms by the 23rd.

 On the Knitting Front – I purchased two hanks of Lorna’s Laces in August ’06 while I was in Chicago.  I have knit one sock, and have started the other.  Since January 1, I have finished a hat for my BIL, a Calorimetry for my SIL, and  a hat for my Husband.  I have on the needles Orange Twist for my eldest son.

 I’ll be posting pictures as I get them taken.  The weather is crappy – which does make for good knitting time – but bad for me to get out and take daylight pictures.

Hogwarts Sock Kit Swap

Swap Trivia

1. Felix Felicious 2. Half Blood Prince 3. Arthur Weasley