(Me – not anyone else.)

Its been so hectic here in Okieland, that I keep forgetting to come here and post!

 Here is what I’ve been up to:

Sent Zack to Boy Scout Camp.  He did really well.  It was his first week away from home with out ANY family to turn to.  He earned 4 Merit Badges while he was there, and I think he’s finished his Tenderfoot Badge.  We’ve unpacked him and done all the laundry that he brought back with him.  Unfortunately, his Boy Scout Shirt wasn’t one of the things he brought back – UGH.

Mack is at Cub Scout Day Camp this week.  Its been a lot of fun to coordinate that schedule – let me tell you!  Camp runs from 8:30-3:30.  Now – what kind of 2-income family do you know that can work that kind of schedule?  Not to many – thats fersure!

I had surgery yesterday to remove a lipoma (DO NOT Google Image search that – really – DON”T).  It was sitting at the base of my skull, causing occipital neuralgia.  The pain from having it cut out – so far – is less bothersome than the headaches it was causing.

 I’ve done some knitting – but no real progress on anything yet.  Its summer in Oklahoma, so things just S L O W   D O W N – a lot.

I did spin this tho:

Details:  Roving from Danielle in two lovely & coordinating shades of greens/blues

Yardage = I don’t have a clue (yet)

WPI = again – no clue (yet)

Squishy factor = HIGH

Plans – pair with some Cascade 220 for Fuzzy Feet