I signed up for another swap! It is Summer Blockbuster hosted by CraftLilly.
I’ll be swapping with Kris.
Here is my Questionairre:

Since this is a summer blockbuster swap, would you rather receive a summer action/adventure movie, a light romantic comedy, or a suspense/thriller?
I love romantic comedy/Chick Flicks! I also like adventure movies if they are clean (National Treasure).

What is your favorite film genre or type?
Chickflicks for myself – no questions

List 3-5 of your favorite films and why you like them.
Bridgette Jones (I & II) – Great for just “girl” time
Mona Lisa Smiles – Love when the girls LEARN about life
The Holiday – a little too “clean”, but good knits & entertaining

Do you like foreign films? Would it annoy you to watch a film with subtitles if you are knitting/crafting?
I’ve not been “exposed” to any foreign films, but knitting & reading give me motion sickness!

Is there a movie that you’ve always wanted to see but haven’t?
Not that I can think of off the top of my head

Do you have any favorite actors?
I don’t particularly follow them, but good eye candy makes even the worst movie easier to watch!

What kind of movie night treats do you like? Type of Candy? Popcorn?
Since this is summer time – and I’m trying to eat healthier – please no chocolate. I do like nuts (of almost ALL kinds), small hard candies, the boys will eat popcorn, but I don’t like it.

Are you a sock knitter, lace knitter, or hat/mitten/scarf knitter?
yes. Oh, are you wonder which I prefer? Depends of the mood of the day. Right now – Socks!

What are your favorite fibers?
Natural and superwash! Sock yarn is good w/ nylon.

What fibers do you dislike or are allergic?
Mohair (just during the summer months!)

What are your favorite colors?
Blues, Purples, Pinks, Spring Green, Brown

What colors do you not like?

Is there anything else that your partner should know that will help her spoil you?
Not that I can think of!