This is the summer of “Patch it, Paint it, Make it at least look good” House Renovations.  We need a lot of serious structural work on our house that we just can’t swing this year, but I’m tired of living in a 70’s style ranch house that is still heavy on the 70’s style.

 Most of the work done will be paint related (cheap!) and done by me and the boys.

I’m using January One’s method of taking a picture for inspiration and tiling it in Photoshop to narrow the color palette.

Living Room color choices:  Blues, Sands, Whites, Coral 

I’m hoping to get Leather furniture – and think this will go with leather.Living Room Palette

My Bedroom Color Choices: Shades of green with a touch of purpleMaster Bed

My Kitchen Color Choices:
Kitchen Colors

My Bathroom Color Choices:

Zack’s Room:
Zack’s Room

Mack’s Room:

Its a lot of blues & greens, but I really think it will update the house A LOT.

I’ll try to get pics of the progress.  The first room will be the bathroom because the wallcovering is already off! 

So – what do you girls think?