Now that Zackary is a BOY Scout, he is able to go on more and better (IMO) outings than the Cub Scouts.  This past weekend, we ventured to Metroplexia to see a NASCAR race.

Socks @ TMS

The socks really enjoyed the race.

Zack @ Race
Zachary did too.

Mack had so much fun, he fell asleep – at NASCAR. 
Mack @ Race
And for reference as to how close we were to the track – look at that pic of Zack.  One more row of seating, then the safety/Hot zone, then track!  Its LOUD!

Mack had much more fun here:

Other places we went this weekend (actual stops)  Oklahoma City, Fort Worth, Arlington, Keller, Dallas, Sherman, and Denton.

We had fun, and we’re already planning for next year!

PS – I also talked to Monkee because we were breathing the same Metroplexia air, and I saw this – reminding me of all the Chat Girls (and Anthony).